Workplace Evolution Map 132 East Washington is a downtown Indianapolis building owned by a few of my current clients. One of my clients, Mr. M., was interested in making the lower level of the building an ‘oasis,’ as he called it. “I want to attract the tenants of the building to a space that is fun, collaborative, and a respite from the hour-to-hour drone of the work week!” While they wanted to keep the vending machines, microwave ovens, etc., the desire was to create a special place where people could gather and feel comfortable.

The project has evolved over the months, and the initial sketches and concepts were revised as ideas unfolded along the way. There were changes of heart as to what belonged and what did not, but finally the project began to be constructed started with the demolition of carpet and other elements that needed to be changed. I witnessed how involved the tenants were in the process, offering ideas and giving input into what they thought were good and appropriate solutions. Mr. M. listened to them and implemented some of their ideas.

Workplace Evolution Pillow We repurposed the tables, painted the table bases, and relocated some seating from the upper floors. The fabric and finishes of the existing seating actually worked well with the new color scheme! As things progressed, we purchased some lounge furniture---sectional sofas, knitted poufs, pillows, lounge chairs, and some tables. This part of the design was birthed long after the renovation had started, but it was met enthusiastically by the tenants. Mr. M. reports that the tenants now take naps on the sofas and cannot wait until the recliner is installed in the Wellness Room. Mr. M. recently told me, “Hey, if the tenants want to use the space as a nap area, it works for me. It is their common space and naps are healthy.”

Workplace Evolution Jackie O. And then, in the end, we hung some large-scale poster prints. Andy Warhol’s poster of Jackie O. is a favorite, but the guys like the Warhol James Dean poster too. The 132 lounge continues to evolve and now there are two potential tenants looking at the building. Mr. M. asserts that it is because of the cool lounge that was created for the tenants. We may never really know what attracted the tenants to be building, but it was sure interesting and fun to work on the project.

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