Please join me in celebrating eight years in business for Lynn Hynes Design Associates. 2012 also marks the 30-year anniversary of my being in the interior design business in Indianapolis. Commitment to deep listening and creative solutions fosters enduring designs that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. While it has been a challenging time in the built environments business, it is also a time for reflection and for looking forward toward a future that embraces a new economy; a broader perspective on the natural world and its relationship to everything we touch each day; and a fresh, open-minded view of how built environments might more effectively function in a manner where a diversity of people thrive.

    Lynn Hynes Design Associates is now a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE). We hope that this certification will allow us to work in a more meaningful way with a community of people working toward common goals and objectives. Thank you to all of you who have supported Lynn Hynes Design Associates in the past eight years. It is with deep gratitude that I move forward with a renewed sense of design possibilities, and how we can best co-create interiors together.

Below are articles that explore Interior Design even further. All articles have been written by Lynn Hynes Design Associates.

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